martes, 12 de abril de 2011


I think its important to know who is the person behind the shop. Thats why im writing this post, to tell you who i am.
Im 36 years old and i used to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina but i fall in love with my husband and moved to Córdoba, a province of my country. Here i had my two little girls, Mercedes and Guadalupe. Before that i studied Literature and then I got my diploma as a Kinder Teacher. I ve always loved crafting, thats something my mother gave me, she taught me everything i know and keeps on inspiring me.
So i knit, i crochet, i sew, i paint. I also worked for a long time as a librarian since my backround and i loved doing that job. I ve read a lot during my life. All kind of books, i specially love kids books.

This is enough data for the who i am post #1. Let me show you some pictures....

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  1. Very sweet posting. Your photos are very beautiful, as is your family. I enjoy visiting your blog, I'll be back.