viernes, 10 de junio de 2011


When i found i couldnt believe my eyes.... A great fashion tshirt for $1? Amazing black pumps for 10? What??? This site is completely wrong... But the prices were ok, and the shipping costs to my country (Argentina) were super affordable. I can say i found my own paradise... Now let me show you what i bought and what i think are unbelievable bargains

I bought this jacket and cost me just $20+$7 shipping WOW

I paid $9+$4 shipping for these adorable boots!

These shorts cost $8.38

These pants cost $13.19

This flats cost $10.54

These handbag cost $7.03

Now, if you want to visit this site, please click on the advertisement on the right bar!!!! Let me know what you got!!

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